About Our Spa
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 About Our Grooming Spa's

The Pet Set has been awarded many accolades since our beginning in 1975 for its pet grooming spa. We are an exclusive member of the National Dog Grooming Association of America (NDGAA) which is reserved for certified master groomers only.

 We offer grooming and bathing in spa services at both The Pet Set locations (Briarcliff Road and Piedmont Avenue).  We do offer mobile spa services that come to your front door! 

Before it was all the rage The Pet Set was already using all natural and organic soap free shampoos, conditioners, and coat enhancement products on the pets we serviced. Sometimes we think we invented the going Green everyone is looking for.

We offer a wide range of products to meet any pet’s skin and coat needs. Your groomer will be more than happy to advise you to what they might suggest in your pets initial consolation. If your veterinarian has prescribed a certain product we will be happy to substitute. 

Our well trained grooming staff can do wonders with your pet. From "snoodles to poodles" we can do it all. Grooming appointments are highly suggested, and can now be made on line. We do take walk in appointments based on availability.

We cater to your pet and their individual needs as we want them to have a rich rewarding comfortable experience with us, and return often. When your pet is in the spa they are the center of attention, care and love. If your pet has special needs please let us know. 


Grooming and Bathing Services

Canine Bathing Service 

Includes a full coat brush out, soap free shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands, teeth brushing (if they let us), pad trimming (if requested), sanitary trim (if requested),  and breath spray, cologne bow or bandanna.        

Canine Mini Haircut Service

Includes a full coat brush out, soap free shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, trimming of face, feet and tail areas, anal glands (if requested), cologne bow or bandanna.          

Canine Full Haircut Service

Includes a full coat brush out, soap free shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands (if requested),  hair cut on the body, cologne bow or bandanna.

Feline Bathing Service

Includes a full coat brush out, soap free shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff  drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, breath spray, face, feet & tail trimming, cologne bow or bandanna.                                       

Feline Full Haircut Service

Includes a full coat brush out, soap free shampoo and coat conditioner, hand fluff drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, breath spray, hair cut on the body, cologne bow or bandanna.

 Grooming/Bathing In Spa Appointment or Drop-off Times:
  • Briarcliff Road: Monday - Saturday from 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM; Sunday from 10:00 AM - Noon
  • Piedmont Avenue: Monday - Saturday from 8:00 - 2:00 PM ; Sunday from 10:00 AM - Noon (need a 7:00am drop off just give us a call 404-249-6668)


Please plan your time so you are not rushed at check in, this will allow you to meet with your pet's stylist and talk about the services you are considering. You will be advised of a pick-up range of time when you check-in.

For the safety of your pet and others we ask that our canine friends be brought in on a leash or carrier and felines should be brought in with a carrier.

If you feed your pet in the morning of their service we thank you for walking them before bringing them to us.

We are able to accommodate most schedules, appointments suggested but walk ins welcomed. We will want to keep your pet at least 4-5 hours during the week, and 6-7 hours on weekends, depending upon our schedule. Please understand at TPS pets are rotated through their service having different things done at different times with resting intervals between the grooming process. We find this is what most pets prefer. 

Due to the general nature of pet grooming it is impossible for us to pin point or guarantee an exact finish time, things happen and we won't rush to compromise on our services. We do provide a finish range of time, for pick up afterwards before we close. If we cannot finish the work that is acceptable to us, you may be asked to return. 

For clients who need to work around more exact times we suggest making an express (3 hours or less) or standing appointment. Those appointments are always a priority. Otherwise making an appointment at least seven days in advance, giving us your specifics will allow us time to schedule and meet your needs.

Daily walk ins are welcomed if we have availability.  

We do try to call all clients when their pet(s) are finished at the number provided. 

When your pet is finished they will be housed either in a clean finishing cage or their carrier. For the pets protection felines are always placed in their carrier when finished by the groomer. 

Need to pick up after work, no problem just let us know so we can walk your pet during the day after services.

Express Service

If you would like your pet in and out under four hours we are happy to provide you with this service. This is great for seniors, puppies, or people on a tight schedule. There are only a few express appointments available each day made by appointment in advance, with a small additional fee. 

 Make An Appointment or Prices 

Bathing and haircut appointments can be made online or by calling
404-633-8755 (Briarcliff Road) or 404-249-6668 (Piedmont Avenue).
If you would like a price range or estimate of services please call us. We cannot give an exact price until we see the pet. 

Standing Appointments or Multi Pet Discounts

For clients who make a regular Standing Appointment every 8 weeks and under we provide a reduced price for full grooming services. For clients who have 3 or more pets we offer a Multi Pet Discount. For exact price reductions please consult with our staff.


Feline Guests

Cats are scheduled for grooming early in the morning without the distraction of barking dogs. Cats require special handling all their own and we do our best to make sure your cat is safely and comfortably groomed. Cats range from tolerant to downright dangerous when it becomes professionally groomed. We let your cat tell us just how much grooming is going to be tolerated. We use Feliway and scent of lavender to help cats feel more comfortable and at home.

A “lion clip” is a common choice for cat owners with badly matted cats or for cats with long hair and coats that shed heavily. Others simply need a helping hand in removing dead hair and benefit from a stimulating and thorough brushing. All cats benefit from a water bath, but not all cats can be bathed! Certain skin problems may absolutely require a medicated bath and within this circumstance sedation may also be required. We also have a delightful “Cat Remoisturizing Spray” for sale that will help get rid of dander and dead hair when you brush your cat at home.


Crate Housing

All pets are crated for their comfort and safety. Domesticated dogs still carry the genetic instinct as “den animals” and naturally seek the safety of their own secured territory when in new situations. Permitting dogs to mingle requires supervision that is really a day-care or play time activity. Most dogs can hold their urine for the 4 to 5 hours that we keep them and usually refuse snacks and water during their visit us. We are much more than happy to provide water and a trip outside to use the toilet when stays extend beyond the 4-5 hours.


For the health and safety of your pet and the groomers that handle them, all grooming clients are required to show proof of current vaccinations, most particularly rabies. In the event of an animal bite, if the animal does not have current rabies vaccination proper reporting is required. 

We employ safe restraint techniques that include a strap around the abdomen so your pet is secure and can not slip off of the grooming table or jump out of the tub. We have selective hair drying techniques, including several types of driers that offer alternative speeds with warm air or a fan circulating room temperature air as your pet requires. We also have the “Happy Hoodie” which covers your pet’s head and ears like a tube sock during drying to greatly reduces stress during the drying procedure.

We want your pets experience to be a happy one with us. Just like people, pets have their own individual personal preferences. We only see your pet in a grooming situation which is very different from being at home.

We want to know your pets personalty and by you letting us know in advance is a good start. This way we can make your pets service as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

If your pet has a prior heath history, suffers from certain pet related issues, or anything out of the normal we need to know in advance. If your pet has had surgery or medical care that you want us to know about, please tell us before we begin.

Please speak with our Front Staff they will be happy to code your pets file so everyone here is aware of your pets preferences.


Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of our business and proper planning we request cancellations of all appointments or reservations as soon as possible prior to the day of service. This will allow us adequate time to fill your pet’s appointment with another clients pet.

After 3 no show appointments or no notice of cancellation we will require payment in full before we can make your pets future appointments.



General Notice of Policies


 We at TPS take animal safety very seriously by taking every precaution possible. Our staff is well trained in handling all types of animals.
Animal grooming is not without the possibility of injuries. Because animals are not inanimate beings and can unexpectedly move, twist, jump, pull, tug, leap, become excited or aggressive while being bathed, brushed or groomed it is possible the animal can facilitate unintentional injuries from staff who are using scissors, clamps, soaps, shampoos, muzzles, blades or other grooming tools. Because we are moving, pulling, placing, lifting, picking up or setting down pets with proper care during a service we cannot be responsible for known or unknown muscle strains, injuries, pulls, twisting, dislocating joints,  or broken bones.
We are very attentive to the animals we are servicing, but accidents can happen at no fault of anyone. For any injury we will document the situation, alert the owner of the situation if known, take all necessary means to get the animal to a veterinarian if needed, and review our staff procedures to insure our quality of care is not in any way neglectful.
Animal environments provide the possibility of air borne, animal to animal contamination of parasites, bacteria’s, and viruses. We do require all pets we service to be current on their vaccinations. We also do administer the highest care in cleaning and disinfecting possible.
Animal to animal contact resulting in any injuries or diseases from one animal to another, resulting in the need of compensation, becomes the responsibility of the offending pet’s owner or between the pet owners to resolve and compensate.
Unfortunately regarding all injuries, parasites, bacteria’s, viruses or illnesses we do not offer any compensation, refunds, or will cover any expenses what so ever associated with the injury, diseases or illness for any pet or human.
If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, quality and safety of care we provide, please ask to speak with our Store Manager or Owner.

General Release Form

 This is a Contract between“The Pet Set” and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called “Owner”) GROOMING, BOARDING, AND DAY CARE GENERAL UNLIMITED AGREEMENT

I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT MY pet is in good health and current on all vaccinations, has not been ill with any communicable condition(s) in the last 30 days. I further certify that my dog has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other animals in the past.
I hereby grant permission to the facility and establishment to act in my behalf, and in my pet’s best interest, by obtaining any necessary veterinary care at my expense, if deemed necessary, for illness or injury. They may use the veterinary care facility of their choosing. The facility will make every effort to contact me about any injury or necessary veterinary care. I agree that in the event I cannot be contacted to make a decision about necessary veterinary care I agree to allow this facility and establishment to seek out the necessary care for my pet and I will be fully responsible for any expenses related to my pet, injury to; other pet(s) people or facility that they may have caused damage or injury to. I agree to pay all charges at the time of pick up of my pet and understand that my pet may not leave the premises until all charges are paid in full.
This facility agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury and illness to my pet. However, in the event of illness or injury, the owners, employees, staff, volunteers, other customers, clients, of for and about this facility shall not be held personally liable for such injuries or illnesses.
I understand I a responsible for any injury my pet causes to other pets, people or facility.
I understand if my pet is to remain in the care of this facility past the departure pick up date or time it is my responsibility to inform the facility. I understand that any animal left for more than seven days beyond the above departure day may be sold at the discretion of the facility unless other arrangements are made. I will still be held responsible for any outstanding expenses related to my pet and understand this facility uses outside collection services.
I understand I must provide the facility with current vaccination records when requested. I understand this facility does not take checks
I understand for all grooming, boarding and daycare services a valid credit card must be kept on file. I agree this credit card may be used to charge any charges related to my pet while in the care of this facility or for necessary veterinary care. I understand all pre paid packages for day care or boarding are non refundable. I understand check out time for boarding is 2:00 pm.
I agree I have been informed or asked about all rates, fees, or charges for services prior to leaving and agree to pay in full upon completion of services and at the time of check out. I understand this facility charges extra for special diet, medications, transportation, and extra walks.
I agree my signature made today will be my Signature on File for any and all agreements listed above for current or future  services .
I agree My Signature on File with The Pet Set is valid and I approve its use with the credit card I am placing on file.
This is a Contract betweenThe Pet Set and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called “Owner”)
Owner agrees to pay the rate for the following services:
OWNER ________________________________________________